I’ve worked in design, writing, and technology my entire career. Currently, in addition to my full-time job, I provide technology and design consulting for non-profits. I designed a new web site for Little Elm Public Library recently, and am currently a technical consultant for Barbershop Books, a non-profit that connects young people to books.

I have a slide deck of recent work. Please check it out!


I’ve developed information architecture; content strategy; and mobile designs for e-commerce brands, focused on hardware, pet supplies and organic food.

For the organic food site for, I used research in e-commerce usability to redesign the product search and check-out experience; I also developed information architecture and content strategy for this and other e-commerce sites

Financial Services

I designed an app for financial decision-making, and on a design for an internal CRM system.

Below are some examples from some projects I worked on

I created service design diagrams that mapped experience of consumers and employees, to better understand how the application will affect the business throughout departments. This gave a better sense of the data and information flow needed for the application

I translated a data set for the design of a consumer-facing app, helping consumers make financial decisions

I also worked on an interfaces for an internal CRM system, translating requirements to interfaces; and improving the usability of existing interfaces

Open Source Software

I’ve redesigned a software system interface, designed a kids version of the software, and designed and developed features to enhance the software experience

For the open-source software, Koha, I redesigned the interface to create a better design and improve the functionality. This design was widely adopted by clients, and led to the acquisition of new clients. Additionally, I did a comprehensive accessibility study of the software interface using WebAim software and made the software accessible

I developed and designed a kids version of Koha. This site allows kids to select books based on categories, most popular, and book series. I created the back-end interface as well that allows librarians to define categories, and to add book lists for summer reading and other reading programs.

Thesis projects

For my thesis project in design school at Philadelphia University, I designed and developed an app centered around midwifery and pregnancy. This continued my interest in digital medicine (in a previous semester, I worked with an industrial design student to develop an interface for products designed for home healthcare). For this project, I did user research with midwives, developed user flows and data models, and developed a prototype in Android, using for real-time data